Petar Trumbetas

Studio guitarist & session player

About me

Born on November 30, 1981. in Belgrade. I started playing in elementary school at the persuasion of my brother. The first performances were in the school band, playing big hits of foreign and domestic music.

In 2000. I started playing guitar and participating in composing for some of the greatest singers in the Balkan.
Along with live gigs, studio work also developed, where I played bouzouki, tambourine, bass prim, guitar…

Studio guitarist

Music Podcast

Tropico Band-Lazu te
acoustic,electric guitar,bouzouki
Lexington-Ne postoji razlog

Videos & Presentations

”My studio and Petar collaborate for more than 5 years with great success.Petar is most humble guy,and really professional when it comes to studio work,and tracking string instruments.”

Tomislav Micic, V music studio